'Pink Piglet Collection' was an original choice to make, due to Millië's unconditional love for piglets known amongst friends and family. A little different, quirky. That is what she likes, and this quirkiness is reflected in her designs. 


Millië's passion for jewellery started as a child, when her mother had her own boutique line in the 80s. Millië's collection provides people with a timeless aesthetic, so that people can express themselves in a powerfully irresistible way through the magic of unique pieces. 

​Pink Piglet’s mission is to sell luxurious pieces that tell a story and champion local production. To create a visual identity, build loyalty and stay true to my vision. Millië's jewels offer ahead of the curve earrings that are influenced by fine art, travel and artisanal craftwork.


​Based on the brand ethos of timeless jewels, these are the pieces that should be in your day-to-day jewellery box to stand out amongst the crowd. The exploration of the relationship between design, fashion and these jewels is the ethos that has driven the brand since its inception in 2017.

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